I am calling it quits for this blog.

To those who read what I write. Thank you for sticking with me even as my posts have gotten father and farther apart. I thought my life was going to get slower as I got older, but that just isn’t the case.

There are a bunch of reasons for ending my blog, but the biggest one is motivation. By the time I get done with each day, I’m not interested in writing here.

Life has gotten in my way, so when the fee for this blog comes up I won’t be re-newing. I know there are free blog platforms out there, but it isn’t the cost, it is the lack of motivation.

Once again,

Thanks. Be careful out there.

5 thoughts on “I am calling it quits for this blog.

  1. Hey there.
    Love your writing.

    I have a suggestion, that I’d like to share . But in private.
    Pop me an email at bigboardgaming@ gmail.com
    Best kevin


  2. Sad to hear. Your ASL posts were instrumental in my adoption of the game, and even though your posts were infrequent I very much looked forward to seeing a new one turn up (this blog was part of my daily rss feed). Good luck for the future.


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