Fields of Fire Vol 1. Normandy practice game end.

So a reader commented that he was interested in seeing if I could clear the first two rows. Like he thought perhaps I didn’t realize that clearing them was part of the victory conditions. Damn. I forgot about that part. Now I’ve got more work to do. Thanks Granger44, at least one of us was paying attention.

So now I have to get rid of that pesky HMG team in the village and defeat the command post in the bunker in four turns. I had a ton of fire hitting the HMG team but, according to the rules I would only be able to use the best modifier available, and then the -1 crossfire modifier for hitting it from multiple directions.

In Turn 7, I reinforce the objective cards and begin laying down my own .50 cal fire from the 1st Sargent position. Giving me a -3 Heavy Weapons modifier, my bazooka fire was hitting occasionally but I would be out of rockets shortly. A hit on the HMG team reduced them to a fire team, increasing the chances of taking them out soon. My unit on the bunker card got into a grenade tossing contest, but got the worst of it, splitting into a pinned assault team and a casualty.

The Objectives are in hand.

Turn 8 and I get orders from my headquarters. Due to problems with a company on my flank, I am ordered to stay in place, no moving forward. Great. I needed to infiltrate the bunker card and now I can’t. I try to concentrate the .50 cal fire and get another modifier, to no avail. Luck was with me this time however as my fire is accurate and the Enemy HMG fire team becomes paralyzed.

This removes the HMG PDF marker and I intend to move a 3rd Platoon squad onto the card in turn 9 to take some prisoners, but I need to stop my units from firing so I don’t take any friendly fire.

Turn 9 and I get another order from headquarters. Now I am required to move forward to catch up to a flanking company. Well, I was going to do that anyway. I move a depleted squad in an attempt to infiltrate the bunker card, but fail, so he’s exposed with no cover. Then 3rd Platoon CO and a full squad move onto the enemy HMG card and the Company XO fires a red flare ordering a cease fire to all units.

Red flare from the XO orders a cease fire to all units.
My future prisoners await.

I take my prisoners and make a last ditch effort to defeat the bunker in turn 10 but come up short. A nice fight, but just couldn’t quite get it done. I’m glad I got a practice game in before starting the campaign as I was able to hash some things out, get some rules clarifications and learn some lessons.

You have a choice to start with your casualty collection point pre-start or wait until after you are on the map. Next time I will wait as mine ended up being in a minefield. Evacuating casualties can have an effect on your between game refit. As in ASL, so in all games, read the victory conditions. Thanks Granger44, saved me some future embarrassment.

Next FoF post wil be the start of my Normandy campaign. The map I have drawn is interesting, but I think that is part of the coolness of this game.

Thanks for reading.

3 thoughts on “Fields of Fire Vol 1. Normandy practice game end.

  1. Heh, glad I was able to “help”. I’ve done this mission a few times, so the objectives are imprinted on my brain. And the game does give you two tries at that first mission, so you technically did not lose. You’d just have to do the mission again with the head start of being able to keep your gained ground. No shame in coming up short though…this game can be brutal. I’m looking at you turn 10 Counterattack event.

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  2. Thanks for the play-through; looking forward to the reports on your Normandy Campaign. I’ve experienced the same minefield dilemma, too; really “focuses the mind.” As you said earlier, never had a game that keeps drawing me back like this one. Happy gaming!

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