Fields of Fire Vol 1. Normandy, practice game turns 5-6.

As I begin turn 5, I have an enemy command post in the second row, fourth column. I also have an enemy HMG team in second row, third column and two minefields in the first row, second and third columns. All four of these enemy pieces are stopping up my attack. Fortunately, I had designated my objective cards as row three, columns one and two. First platoon was still free to attack up the first column. We knew that the enemy artillery spotter had spent his bullets and was now gone and we could move forward. My attack position is on the back side of the first minefield, second row, second column.

A little note here. FoF is the only game I sleeve cards and only the action deck. A player blows through the action deck a lot, every single separate action requires it’s own card, plus at some point you’re going to get the ‘reshuffle deck’ card. I got some perfect fit sleeves, and they are actually meant to be the inside sleeve of a double sleeve, but I don’t want to double sleeve. I was having some issues with the action deck sliding around and not staying together, so I found and bought a couple of card holders on etsy;


Turn 5 was a bit slow, but with the possibility of making the mission way harder. 1st Platoon on the left (column 1) had brought the first Sargent along, and he in turn has the Mortar team and the .50 cal HMG. So we need to get them in position. I would like to have them on the attack position card in row two and from there they can cover the objective cards and hopefully get the German HMG team to die or leave.

The only issue with it is there are potential enemy contact counters on each of the first two cards in row two. These are PC counters of ‘A’ quality. which could trigger the stiffest enemy contact. As the combat level for the game is currently ‘engaged’ (the command post is not yet spotted, once it is we will be heavily engaged as I have a unit on its card) I will be drawing 10 cards for contact, 5 for each counter. 1st Platoon CO issues commands for two assault teams to move to those cards.

Now we just had to hope that the enemy HMG team wouldn’t shift it’s fire from it’s current target. Third platoon ordered one of its squads to fire its rifle grenade at the HMG team. In the general initiative phase, the AP assault team attempted to find cover and failed, while the other in the open fields managed to find some cover.

The potential enemy phase was up and I had to draw my 5 cards for each counter. Incredibly, neither one triggered an enemy unit. What a break. With those two cards cleared, the path to the objectives was open and I could bring up the heavy weapons to put some fire on the enemy HMG team.

On the right, my fire was ineffective. Getting effective fire on a dug-in enemy in a village card was proving to be difficult.

Turn 6 is where I was going to get some work done. Commands came down the line in pretty good shape. Giving me enough to get done what I needed. The company CO needed to stay in the staging area so my field phones would still be connected as I was spread out across the playing area. I intended to move up 1st Platoon and send those assault teams to the objectives, get the 1st Sargent to the AP card and get more fire on the enemy HMG. I made and error that I just realized. I’ll get to it in a minute.

The objective cards had potential enemy category ‘B’ counters, so more potential German forces when I move onto those cards.

The 1st Platoon CO and his units moved to the open fields card and sent the assault team there forward to OBJ 2. The company 1st Sargent moved to the AP card and ordered the assault team there to move up to OBJ 1. Here is the mistake I made: I placed a PDF marker from the 1st Sargent and his .50 cal team, but when you move into another card that group or unit is marked with an exposed marker and the .50 and the mortars can not fire while they are exposed. No harm done as their fire had no effect.

3rd Platoon ordered more Bazooka fire at the HMG and they were running low on rockets now. The team on the card with the enemy command post made a spotting attempt to try to reveal it and succeeded, moving the game status to Heavily Engaged, which would actually aid my attempt to take the objective cards as there are fewer cards drawn with heavily engaged.

In the enemy activity phase, the HMG continued to fire at it’s original target and the command post got into a hand grenade tossing contest with my team there. When a grenade attack is made the opposition automatically get a free grenade attack back.

This enemy HMG team is getting a lot of attention!

Neither of the potential enemy ‘B’ counters turned up any enemies, giving me the objective cards and I had assaulted the first objective from the Attack Position card.

Combat was once again indecisive against the HMG team, but the grenade battle almost went to my units as I drew two grenade cards on my attack yielding a critical hit!

This in effect negates the terrain cover modifier of the bunker and with the grenade hit itself, giving me a negative modifier for the attack, I was pumped! Not for long though as the damage card revealed a mere pin.. Damn. Naturally the enemy grenade hit and caused a casualty. My unit on that card was melting away slowly.

Going into turn 7, I have my objectives, but the turns all have to be played out as there may be an enemy counterattack. I placed a phone line in column one from 1st Platoon and am following up that column with 2nd Platoon, finally getting into the game. I intend to get them to row three and reinforce the objective cards. Four turns left to secure a victory and I really want to finally dig out that enemy HMG team.

Thanks for reading.

One thought on “Fields of Fire Vol 1. Normandy, practice game turns 5-6.

  1. Always nice to see this game get some pub. Hope you are enjoying your time with it. It will be interesting to see if you can fulfill the “clear enemies from Rows 1 and 2” part of the objective.


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