2019 and 2020

A quick look at my 2019 and then forward to 2020.

ASL for me in 2019 amounted to 30 games played if we include the 3 scenarios so far completed in Hatten, with 10 games won.  Yep, that is plenty pathetic, but then when you consider that I am terrible at ASL, it isn’t too bad.  I won my last game of the year completed, won all three of my Hatten campaign scenarios, finally got over on Pierce a couple of times, smacked Adam and Jason each once (that always feels good!), and whined during most of them.  Ah well, what’s ASL without whining?   I finished Festung Budapest with a concession to Mike (no biggie, I usually end up conceding ASL games to Mike), made the trip to Texas for the 19th (and final, for a while) time.   Started a Purple Heart Draw campaign that I will not be reporting here out of embarrassment at getting completely run over, and am still in CG day 1 of my Valor of the Guards CG.

As for my opponents, playing Adam and Jason is always a good time.  Met (virtually) Patrick Palma and suffered two defeats at his hands.  Played two games against new friend Joe Morrow and split them.  Have completed 8 games of the TAC scenarios vs. Pierce who had to take a lengthy break due to personal reasons.  My Russians are getting steamrolled in VotG  CG, as expected but worse than I anticipated.  Antti Westerlund is removing all doubt as to who is the better player in the Purple Heart Draw campaign which I am soon going to surrender in.  Jeff Sewell continued to school me in Blood and Jungle scenarios which we have now had to put on hold for a while.  I entered two online tournaments and won a single game, but got to talk to some great people in the hobby.

As for non- ASL, I got in my first ever OCS game with Tunisia.  I believe OCS is now Mike’s favorite game and I should be giving it another go soon.  We also played Warriors of God, and Warriors of Japan, both outstanding games which I look forward to playing again.  I got started with Skies Above the Reich and D-Day at Omaha Beach and began slowly collecting games about North Africa in WWII, my favorite subject (along with the battle for Berlin in 1945).

So what is in store for me in 2020?

I will be cutting back on ASL a bit.  I will no longer be buying everything that comes out for the game either.  I have realized I have an addiction, ASL gear just seems to snowball and I have plenty of it.  Action Packs, Journals, and scenario packs for me from now on.  No more campaigns or the large third party packs or boxed modules (unless something like Hatten comes around again), I’ve got plenty thank you very much.  Bud and I will miss Texas ASL this year, and instead make the shorter drive to Kansas City (by about 7 hours) for the March Madness ASL tournament.  Many of my close ASL friends will be there and it will be good to see them.

I have started a Skies Above the Reich season to get the hang of the game, and when that is completed, I will start a full campaign.  The game is very difficult, made even more so when the player is trying to work out the do’s and don’ts to try to keep his pilots alive while also attacking the formidable B-17 combat box.  DDoB is also in progress, I am playing this on VASSAL as I only have room for one game at a time set up.  Hopefully I can get a night to solo OCS scenarios.  I am way behind on the learning curve on this one, my two best friends have been playing OCS for years, so I have a lot of catching up to do.

I am also making the move to some non-war games.  Having heard great things about Mage Knight, Pandemic- Cthullu, Cthullu- Death may Die and Eldritch Horror, I now own copies of each of those and look forward to playing them as they all support solo play as well as multiplayer.

2020 will be loaded apparently.

Thanks for reading.

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