FB4 HKL259



Patrick Palma picked up this game of FB4 with me as the next scenario in my Road to Berlin.

I am playing the Allies, so got the Russians on the attack in Budapest.  This one requires my Russians to descend a hill while attacking some solid SS troops and a few low quality Gendarmes.  It’s an all infantry game, and my grunts are not terrible either,  elite and first line Russians with a 9-2 leader.  Patrick also got some foxholes and trenches and 12fp factors of mines.  I had 6.5 turns to get 12 vp off the German board edge.

Patrick had his defense set up pretty evenly across the board, with the scrubs forward on the right.  I decided I was going to waste no time, and push right, hoping to blow through the feebs and push hard to the edge.


Screenshot from 2019-11-13 10-27-31


This game was pretty low on action and pretty high on movement.  I got to the right with the bulk of my force, keeping a few units center left to prevent a German avalanche trying to pen me in.

My Russians got to the Gendarme screen, punched them in the face and rounded them up.  Eliminating the stragglers at the board edge.  Then moved up to the next ridge contour.  Concealment was the name of the game for both of us, most fire was ineffective on both sides, and as I pushed down the hill I felt like I had the upper hand.


Screenshot from 2019-11-13 10-36-59


I consolidated my line, attempting to keep some skirmishers in front of the units I intended to exit.  I got the 9-2 and two squads off the board for 7 points, needing only 5 more to win.  Things were looking pretty solid, but Patrick also shored up his defense and was in position to get fire on my troops as they made for the exits.

I just needed the back row to exit, the screening stack in front intends to disperse in turn 6 advance.

Then this happened:


Screenshot from 2019-11-13 10-45-37

and this:


Screenshot from 2019-11-13 10-46-19


and this:


Screenshot from 2019-11-13 10-46-49


and the damage:


Screenshot from 2019-11-13 10-47-57


VASL hates me.   I don’t know what I have ever done to it.  I don’t know why it feels the need to punish me game after game after game.  This happened immediately after my last post  J162 African Brothers – Dicing 101


I liked the scenario, it played quickly, and I felt good about it.  I would play it again.  As usual, the Festung Budapest scenarios seem to be very good and very entertaining.

If only VASL would throw me a nice bone occasionally…..

Thanks for reading.



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