BoF2 A Polish Requiem



My next opponent in the CyberVASL tournament was Pablo Garcia and BoF2  A Polish Requiem was our choice.  I got the attacking German forces while Pablo defended with the Poles.

BoF2 is six turns featuring early war action in Poland with a mostly first line German force with Panzer I, II and very early IVs attempting to gain access to an area around a building on board 4.  Pablo’s Poles start off fairly thin with four squads and a single leader supported by the always daunting FT17 tanks with their fear inducing 5 movement points and stall rolls.  But, having made light of them, they have enough firepower to poke holes in the PzI and II tanks of Regiment 7, Panzer Division 10.  He is reinforced with enough infantry and FT17s to actually outnumber my Germans on turn 2.


Screenshot from 2019-09-15 11-32-58


I have found myself using Armored Assault more and more, and I should probably start thinking of other ways to get what I need done.  I setup to move all of my infantry up to the skirmish using Armored Assault, and in hindsight, while it worked out fine, and did the job, I realize I had other, more important things for my PzI and IIs to be doing.  The early PzIVCs were needed for SMOKE.  But as is usually the case when I need smoke, my troops left ours back in the rear areas.

My assault kicked off pretty well and we moved up nicely.  Pablo had some dummy counters and used some of them to simulate extra tanks to keep me guessing.  While he could definitely kill my tanks with some nice dice, I needed to play like I had no fear.  The PzIVs would be a tough out for him even with the 37mm equipped FT17.  Six turns seemed adequate to get to the victory area, but a couple of setbacks would make it difficult.


Screenshot from 2019-09-15 11-53-27


I immediately managed to malfunction a 20L, an important gun down right off the bat.  As I put my tanks in position to counter the FT17s , Pablo started getting fire on my troops.  Luck abandoned me once again as I hit Pablo’s tanks with 75mm HE twice, needing a 9 to get any result, and an 8 to kill.  No, you will not get what you need Roy, you will get 11s both times and you will like it.  The 20L wouldn’t repair and my PzIs were taking it in the shorts.  One burning and one immobilized.  This is going great……..


Screenshot from 2019-09-15 12-00-20


Well, I was committed to the attack up the middle and time was a wasting, so up the middle it was going to be.  Pablo would survive an attack from a German squad on the bottom of the map, break my German (of course) and get into close combat with my PzIV down there, but fail to kill it.

I sent a 20L PzII to the top to kill an FT, and try to interdict the FT reinforcements coming in there but after failing to get a kill, had to bug out.

I got through the center with a couple of turns left, but the infantry would barely be able to make it using doubletime and that was the kicker, I could probably get tanks to the victory area, but not enough infantry.  The large grainfield in front of it would slow us down all while being fired on.  My 20L up top got burned and things were looking grim.


Screenshot from 2019-09-15 13-35-23


I surrendered as there was really not much point of continuing.  I needed three good order squads and two tanks with functioning MA in the victory area and it just wasn’t going to happen.

Looking back I should have scrapped the armored assault this time and let the 20L PzIIs run.  Superior mobility and a nice little gun could have caused a lot of havoc, killed FT17s and disrupted both rout paths and reinforcements.  It would be nice if SMOKE would work out for me a little more often, but I just need to learn to play without it, since it appears to be a rarity for me.

Ah well, Pablo played a solid game and mine was basically an electric football attack.

Gotta do better than that.

Thanks for reading.







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