Festung Budapest. CGIII City of Eternal Heroes. 3 Feb, 1945

Advanced Squad Leader


Mike and I sat down to slug it out in the streets of Budapest for day 2 of our CG.  As recounted in my last blog entry on this CG, I had made fairly solid progress in the north (the Russian right) against some less than eager Hungarian troops, and while they put up a fight, were no match for the Russian Horde ™.  The center-right had also gone fairly well, considering I ran into some German regulars and Elite SS, I managed to push them off the hill and move up to the junction of the the Boszormenyi Ut and Enyedi Utca.  Two wide roads separating the hill from the main area of stone structures.  The left had been a wash.  Mike had made sure I would have to pay dearly for any progress there, filling the buildings with Elite German units, with top notch leadership and support weapons.

So day two started with us staring at each other across the Boszormenyi Ut as I kicked off my second assault.


The north (Russian Right and Center)


South (Russian Left)


My pre-game rubble generation check was mostly ineffective.  I had wanted to block the Marvany Utca, the long road from the hill to the German / Hungarian rear.  My artillery drifted and missed, and my fears were shown to be on target as Mike put a Quad 20 AA gun in the backfield, looking down that road.


The building on the left of the road is a pain in the ass. The AA gun is in the blue hex.


My intention was to push on the right and right-center and keep him busy on the left.  He simply doesn’t have enough Germans to man the whole front, so the Hungarians have to go somewhere and he’s not going to let me have the left side, the Ammo buildings are there, and by taking those, I would increase the Axis chances for worsening the ammo shortage the rest of the CG.  That’s where the bulk of the German forces would be.

I bought two modules of OBA, but my inexperience with CG’s showed here as I opted for field phones.  After trying to get spotting rounds down with no success and one red card, I abandoned the phones and put my leaders to good use.  The artillery is very difficult to get where you want it here, the lines of sight and hills make it that way and the phones can’t be moved like radios.  I have to keep the phones, so I will try to get them in better places next scenario.

As I pushed off, I found immediate success on the right.  The Hungarian defenders were unable to put up much of a fight.  In the right-center I was able to get across the big street and begin pushing the defenders back, eventually I was able to push them to other side of the trolley tracks.

Mike’s sniper was active, or at least the north one was.  I activated it 4 times, it hit the same MMG kill stack every time, what started off as 458/mmg, 458/mmg, 9-2 leader ended up broken 248/mmg, 248/mmg and dead leader.  We had some laughs about that.  I couldn’t get them away, and the sniper kept hitting them, over and over and over and over.

In the south, my artillery gun crew broke, and I broke the MA of the T-34-85 I had down there.  Mike saw an opening to try to exploit my misfortune and make my life miserable, but my 10-2 kill stack was in position to deny him and my ASE certified Russian tank mechanic fixed the gun a turn later.  A fortified building location by the southern board edge made any progress there very difficult. those buildings are extremely difficult to get into for the Russian.




Once again, by the end of the day, I had made some significant progress in the north, decent progress in the center, and none in the south.  I challenged the AA gun with a T-34-85 and the crew promptly abandoned the gun.




Mike didn’t want to bring his reinforcements on map on day 2, but things were really looking bleak for the Hungarians on the extreme right, so his first Armor appearance came on to stem the tide.

At the end of day 2, I am in OK shape, I only surrendered 17 cvp, so with day 3 purchases I should be in good shape for what I want to do.  Refit modifiers for consecutive days fighting are not hurting me yet, so I will continue the attack.

My perimeter looks like this:




My goal for day three is ambitious but I feel I have to make better progress.  And at some point my Ivans in the south are going to have to, as Mike puts it so eloquently “do some belly bucking” with the Germans.

Day 3 is under way, more to come later.

Thanks for reading.


5 thoughts on “Festung Budapest. CGIII City of Eternal Heroes. 3 Feb, 1945

    1. Stalingrad has a lot more rubbled buildings and gutted buildings. Except for the pre-campaign-scenario rubble generation all of the buildings are pretty much intact. Oddly enough, Stalingrad has more open areas with the rubble and debris, everything is constricted in Budapest on this particular map.

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  1. Hi,

    GG22 building is the key to the first line defense on that flank. As the German I try to make sure that it is not taken without a heavy cost. In my last game I had gnd levels mined, fortified and a Tank in bypass (it cant be CC:d as infantry cant enter fortified hex hehe)

    Seems like the Germans are not using mines much. I think it is a important tool to limit Russian break throughs.



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