TAC 6 Counterattack at Villers-Bocage

Advanced Squad Leader


Let me start by saying I just must have missed something, because I didn’t get this scenario.

It looks great on paper.  British, Germans, Normandy.  Hedgerows, elite infantry, Cromwells, Tigers and a Firefly.  Sweet, right?

It was my turn to attack, and so my German infantry and armor of Schwere SS Panzer-Abteilung 101 were itching to bring a company of County of London Yeomanry to battle.  Pierce had been beating me for 4 straight games of our playthrough of TAC scenarios and I was hoping this force of German 548 infantry, supported by three Tigers could get the job done for me and put me in the win column.

8.5 turns for me to take all the multi-hex buildings but with a catch.  I couldn’t lose more than 2 fully tracked AFV.  Considering I start the game with 3 Tigers and get 2 Mark IVs on turn 6, I wouldn’t be able to play fast and loose with them.  Hanging with the infantry was going to be the name of the game

Pierce had 8 morale troops in the board 10 town with 12 dummy counters, the aforementioned tanks and an assortment of support weapons including a heavy machine gun.  On turn 4 he would get 7 more squads and two towed 57L AT guns, bringing his number of infantry squads equal to mine.




Looking back, I took the longest route to get to the village, without a doubt.  Probably my biggest mistake, made before the first roll of the dice.  I liked the hills and the woods right in front of the village.  I didn’t figure he would move out of cover to slow me down, and I would be able to move up without too much trouble.

I got my Tigers up on the hill, no way was I going to separate them.  A lone tank is a dead tank.  I tried to get tricky with the pair of halftracks I had, moving them up behind the woods straddling boards 10 and 18.  That backfired on me in a hurry as Pierce, ever the opportunist, fired up a Crommy and drove out and killed one of them, full of infantry.


crummy cormmy


The Tigers chased him off before he could do any more damage, and he would get paid back a couple of turns later with an 88mm shot in the face.


approaching town


I got to the outskirts of town in good shape, having burned two Crommies.  I had a pretty good idea the Firefly was in the board 10 walled circle in the center of town.

Here was my dilemma;  I didn’t get to town until turn 4, just as the British reinforcements were entering.  Giving him an equal number of infantry, installed in stone multi-hex rowhouses.  My task became a very tall order and I was wondering what I did wrong.

I got up to the front row of rowhouses and began taking casualties, without giving any back.  The Tigers were intimidating I’m sure, but I got to turn 6 and still hadn’t taken a single building.




I surrendered the game after turn 6.  I had three moves left to take six multi-hex, multi-level buildings, all chock full of British infantry and supported by three tanks and two AT guns.  A humiliating defeat for Schwere Panzer Abteilung 101, and another loss to Pierce.

This game befuddled me.  I realize I could have started a bit closer to enter, but I would have had to go through a large wooded area, and even arriving a turn earlier would have left me only four moves to take those same six buildings.

I would complain that it can’t be done, but there are 6 German victories on ROAR for this scenario.  I would LOVE to read one of those recaps.

Anyway, I’ll have to look to the next couple of scenarios to try to get over on Pierce.  I’ve still got around 65 or so opportunities.

Thanks for reading.








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