Looking towards 2019

Looking around at the blogs I follow, there are a lot of them remembering 2018.  I have some memories of gaming last year, but I have decided to look into what is coming up for me in the next 365 days.  I have never been a guy who has kept track of stuff very well and gaming is no different.  I can look at an ASL scenario card and tell you if I’ve played it before, but that about covers it.  This year I am adding a widget to the right hand column to keep track of my 2019 ASL games and who my opponent was.

Last year I got started on my scenario series “My Road to Berlin”, playing scenarios set in January- May 1945.  It is slow going because most of it will be PBEM, but I would like to knock out most of the January games this year.  I have a couple of good online ASL buddies who have picked this up with me, and it is much appreciated.

Jeff Sewell has graciously started BFP’s Blood and Jungle pack with me.  I have no illusions about this series, Jeff is a far superior player and our game of Armored Samurai is baring my deficiencies.  I go into this hoping to learn from him.  The first thing I noticed is he dots all of his i’s and crosses all of his t’s.  I don’t.  I’ve taken a couple of bad beats in this scenario, which makes it all the more difficult against a player like Jeff.  My hope is after a few scenarios, Jeff will be able to see improvement in my game.

I started two campaigns in 2018.  Festung Budapest and Valor of the Guards.  FB is face to face, and is progressing well, day 2 is in the books and an AAR will be out this month.  VotG is pbem, is bigger and going much more slowly.  Hopefully Ed is in for the long haul as this one is going to take a looooong time.  I would really like to start another campaign in 2019.  A couple of shorter plays that I have and have heard good things about are Crossing the Moro and Purple Heart Draw.  Hope I can find an interested party for one of those.

In June, I will make my 19th consecutive trip to Texas for the Austin Tournament.  I intend to get to 20, then we’ll see.  I have made a ton of friends down there and always have fun.  I expect 2019 to be no different.

Picked up a game of Warriors of God online with Gary Guyton.  This is a new game to me, and so far I like it a lot.  Seems very easy to learn, and we are stumbling and bumbling our way through the first turn, trying to use olde English and French typing accent, if that is even possible.  I have taken Flanders, but Picardy is in serious jeopardy as John Chandes has bitten off more than he can chew against the French King.  Brave?  Yes, but perhaps not too bright.  Periodic AARs to come.

ASL Corregidor: The Rock is in the mail as I type this.  GMT’s Paths of Glory Deluxe edition has been shipped.  I hope to pick up an LFT Rat Chart if they are still available when I am ready as well as the Friendly Fire and WO packs.  My copy of Dien Bien Phu: The Final Gamble is supposed to ship early this year……I love that game and am really looking forward to owning it.

I intend to get in multiple playings of the solitaire games D-Day at Omaha Beach and Skies above the Reich.  I have always wanted to get some solitaire games into my schedule, and now that I own these two, perhaps I can find the time.  I am really looking forward to running a campaign of Skies.  Look for AARs of those games here also.

Looks like 2019 is going to be packed.  As always, Squad Leader will lead here on my blog.  I do not make resolutions, but instead try to make goals.  My one gaming goal this year is to learn from my mistakes and improve, so that no matter who I play, I can give a good account of myself.

Hope you all have a great year, perhaps we can meet up and get a game in.


One thought on “Looking towards 2019

  1. Heya Roy sounds like you got a great set of opponents setup for 2019! I feel a little difference about CGs. I came off a couple of CGs (most are playtests) and I will be happy to do scenarios for a while. Just ’cause we all have so many unplayed ones lying around!

    You can’t go wrong with “Blood & Jungle”. You reminded me also that I haven’t touched much of my Lone Canuck stuff (criminal!). A proper New Year Resolution for me is to STOP buying new ASL stuff but I can’t really say it .. not yet!

    Happy New Year!!

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