J103- Lenin’s Sons. My personal disaster.

Advanced Squad Leader


So I entered the VASLeague tournament on Gamesquad.  I had played in it before but it had been a few years.  My initial opponent was Jay Dragonetti of Virginia.  It took me a bit to get with him for this game, first it took us a few days to choose a game, then on Wed, January 10, I found out that my brother had passed away in his sleep at home.  After a week away to help my mom get some things taken care of and prepare and attend his funeral, I took a couple more days before getting back to some gaming.  Eventually, Jay and I settled on J103 Lenin’s Sons.

Set on board 42, this is a Russian defense of a hamlet.  The German troops were trying to wrest 8 buildings from Ivan to get the victory.  This will be a fairly short AAR as I missed the boat on a scenario once again.

Basically I, as the Russians, gacked the setup and paid the price.  Reading an AAR on the action just a day after my game showed me where I messed up.

I set up a screening force in the woods with most of my troops back in the hamlet.

Russian setup


I got a few licks in on the first turn, including a nice shot on Jay’s 9-2 moving in a stack with a 6fp flat and got nothing to show for it.

By turn 2, I was running for my lives in the forest, and just trying to stay ahead of the German attack.



Turn 2



On turn 3 we realized I had pulled an extra light mortar and crew.  Not sure how or what I was thinking there so I simply eliminated it.  On turn 4, Jay had cleared the woods and was ready to assault the hamlet.


Turn 4


Despite my ineptitude with my setup, I figured I would get some nice shots as Jay needed to get across some open ground to get to me.  Luck was not with me in this game either, and probably rightly so.  Jay had some snake eyes at opportune times (shots), I had some at in-opportune times (rally- berserk).  One thing that was definitely with me were the 11’s and 12’s.  In turn 5, I had the HMG, MMG and an LMG all malfunctioned.  I repaired the HMG only to have it malfunction again.


Turn 5


Yeah.  A disaster right from the beginning.

The proper Russian play is to set up in the woods, and deny the open ground to the German.  Fighting a fall back defense.

Jay played well and was probably licking his chops when he saw my setup.  Ah well, I have to put this behind me and move on.

One thought on “J103- Lenin’s Sons. My personal disaster.

  1. Sorry to hear about your brother. Jay couldn’t have started on 10 January anyway, as he was honing his skillz at Winter Offensive.


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