Vietnam 1965-1975 Reboot

Mike and I have decided to suspend our playing of Victory Games’ Vietnam 1965-1975.  The reasons are pretty basic.

When playing the campaign, this game can take upwards of 120 hours to complete, so you better not gack the beginning.  Looking at where we were and what had transpired so far, we determined that Mike’s American and ARVN were far behind the 8 ball and there would be no chance of recovery.

Mike had used his purchase points fairly conservatively.  Reading some of the reviews of this game they indicated that he should have spent them much more liberally at the beginning.

We will definitely be returning to Vietnam with the full intention of playing the campaign through to the end.  In the mean time, we are gearing up for Vietnam, but far earlier in the conflict.

Check in and follow our game of Den Bien Phu:  The Final Gamble.



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